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These paintings are in private collections thorughout the United States and in the UK.
Blackbird PoolAspen InteriorMoonrise, Flood TideBreakthroughA Summer NightTidal Creek EveningEast Texas MorningBackyard Magic 36 x 30Morning Light 24 x 30Summer Song 25 x 21Twilight Moon 12 x 10Evening Stillness 14 x 11Autumn Evening 8 x 12Morning on the Flats 16 x 30Remains of the Day 24 x 36Autumn Twilight 24 x 30Summer Evening 10 x 12Evening Trees 12 x 10Sunset Sentinels 20 x 16Spring Evening 10 x 10Evening at the Pond 10 x 12Spring Stream 18 x 24Fallen 8 x 12Salt Marsh Moon 10 x 12In Morning Light  12 x 10Late Afternoon Light 16 x 20Moonrise Over the Pines 36 x 30Autumn Light 24 x 30Evening Pool 18 x 24Breakthrough 16 x 16Meadow Moonrise 12 x 10Evening Embers Triptych 24 x 48Clair de Lune 12 x 10Autumn-Morning Mist 12 x 12Moon Attended by Jupiter and Venus 15 x 10The Simplest Thing 9 x 12Evening Meadow 10 x 12