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Lennox Woods- The Ancient Forest , a multi-year project of artist Deborah Paris to explore Lennox Woods Preserve in northeast Texas, one of the most pristine old growth forests in the state.  The project encompasses over fifty  paintings exhibited in multiple venues since 2014.  A full color color catalog includes images of the work, the story of the project and natural history of the Preserve.


Autumn Sunrise, Lennox WoodsWinter Morning 18 x 14Whose Woods These AreEdge of the Woods- DuskLast Light in the WoodsAutumn, Pecan BayouSpring BouquetSummer RespiteSpring Dance 14 x 18First SnowA Summer Idyll 20 x 24The Morning RoomMayapplesMartha's TrailInto the WoodsThe Forest Primeval (study)A Summer Idyll  60 x 72What Might Have BeenWinter EveningReflections on Winter 16 x 12